in-studio business headshot of a freelance writer and film producer


By Roach I mean John E. Roach. And by bar, I mean my studio.

We shake our hands, we strike a small talk, I offer John a couch. Very standard beginning for in-studio headshot session.

An updated professional writer headshot is for his upcoming book, video production website and for his freelance writer’s column in Madison Magazine.

We move on to more serious talk about his work and family. About John’s producer career in television, screenwriting for David Lynch’s movie “The Straight Story”. About his video production company and about his son, JT Roach, songwriter and musician, currently living in L.A.

I help John to connect his phone to studio’s AirPort, and he starts blasting his son’s music through the speakers.

And for some time, we just sit and listen to JT’s music on Spotify.

One hour goes by.

Couple times John says me: “Whenever you’re ready to shoot, let me know. I’m ready”. And I assure him, that I will.

But to be perfectly honest, I was more or less ready before he walked in. Normally, unless client is in a real hurry, I won’t rush into the portrait or headshot session.

And John is enjoying the moment. And, so do I. So, I’m taking my sweet ass time to “put” my gear together.

At some point I invite him to the shoot area. I’m shooting tethered, so we’re looking at the pictures on the go. And as they coming in, John keeps saying “that’s a really nice one”.

We’re done in 10 minutes, and the final select is from the first dozen pictures I’ve took.

dramatic black and white business portrait of freelance writer and movie producer John Roach
Writer headshot in black and white.
dramatic color business headshot of freelance writer and movie producer John Roach
Business headshot in color.

After we’re done, I pour John a glass of scotch whisky. And I pour one for myself. And John’s proposes a toast: “Up the Irish! The Queen’s a whore!”

And we drink scotch and talk for another half an hour.

At some point, John says “It doesn’t get any better. Listening to your son’s music in the nice creative space. Getting your writer headshot taken and actually liking it. Having a good talk and topping it all with a good drink”.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Writer headshot of John I photographed ended up on his “While I Have Your Attentionbook cover.


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