Winter Leaving Town

Dear warm weather, you old fart, THANKSx100% for swinging by. I know it is hard to believe that you’re here, but you are, and cheers to that!

For the last couple of days I’ve been exploring Madison, Wisconsin with my family and my 85mm prime lens. Long walks, coffee, sunsets and cold beer afterwards- to wrap things up… Can’t complain much here…

I’m using my 85mm Nikon lens only just to play around a bit. As well as to force myself and see things a bit differently. Because normally it’s my 35mm lens that goes on the walks around town.

I’ve been shooting prime lenses a lot lately. I think I am falling in love. With this lens and my 35mm + 50mm in my bag, I feel I have all I need. Lighter, faster and smaller makes so much sense. It challenges, it makes you think, it makes you move. And, of course, wide apertures of prime lenses gives you more flexibility when it comes to low light.
And then the shutter goes “click”. Definitely one of my favorite sounds (:

Life is inevitably is getting better.

gates at Kipps building on Madison East side covered in snow
used microwave on the sidewalk with a note on it
family with a dog sitting on a sidewalk and drinking coffee
sunset light reflecting of the window on Sherman Ave
melting snow with a building in the background
clock shop window on Sherman Ave., Madison, WI
fishing boat covered in snow
abstract city reflections in a melting snow puddle

I am a professional headshot photographer here in Madison, Wisconsin. I started my photography career back in 2009 as a documentary and food photographer. As of 2020 I specialize mostly in headshots and portraits. If you have a project in mind, shoot me a message. If I can’t help you, I most likely will be able to direct you to someone who will.


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