Population density in Baraga County is 10 people per square mile (that’s 4 people per square kilometer). In comparison Madison, Wisconsin has 3,037 people/sq mi (1,172.6/km2).
10 people per square mile! How cool is that?
If you want to get away from civilization for a few days it is a very much possible to happen if you head towards UP. This is one of the greater Upper Peninsula’s advantages.
Sure you need to look few things up, Google this and that, or talk to uncle Paulie, but it’s sure  plausible. Once you there it might get tough to get around with technology- phone reception over there usually equals to zero.

This is why I go there. This is why I bring my gang with me. No phones. No computers. One camera (OK, maybe two cameras), one lens.
Besides remoteness and low population density and UP attracts me because of lots of abandoned miner (?) houses (fascinating stuff), beautiful Lake Superior lake shore (that can’t be compared to Lake Michigan in any way), descent amount of carnivore flies, mosquitoes and raccoons, fresh weather, river right next to our rustic camping site and starry night sky with Milky Way painted on it.
I feel very blessed as my family interprets quality time very same way I do. Isn’t it fun to hit the dirt road to unknown nowhere? Fish out a craw fish from under the river stone? Watch the rain extinguishing your campfire from inside the tent? Consume marshmallows like there is no tomorrow?

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