A Decade Of UW- Madison Photography​

Official Photography Service Vendor for UW-Madison 2023-2026

official photography services vendor for University of Wisconsin Madison

My collaboration with the University of Wisconsin stands as a highlight in my journey. Through numerous projects, I’ve had the privilege of photographing different departments and schools within UW, bringing forth the essence of the university’s spirit and its people.

My approach is collaborative: I actively listen to your needs, strategize thoughtfully, and execute with precision to capture subjects at their absolute best. I am proud to craft potent marketing assets that amplify brand identity, convey essential messages, and captivate University of Wisconsin – Madison target audience.

And I am super stoked to be on photography service vendor list for UW-Madison for 2023-2026.

Your Official UW-Madison Photography Partner

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Trusted And Endorsed

My diverse client portfolio, including construction, healthcare, and tech sectors, showcases imagery that propels marketing initiatives and fuels brand growth.

Client-Focused Approach

I’m committed to understanding clients' goals, needs, and aspirations. My clients’ success is my success.

Perpetual Growth Mindset

Curiosity leads my photography; by embracing new methods, my process stays innovative, offering clients unique visual stories.

Proven Track Record

Over ten years in commercial photography have established my reputation, with many clients choosing my services repeatedly for reliable service and high-quality imagery.

All Sizes, One High Standard

Whether it's capturing 800 people UW Alumni event or an intimate portrait session, I have experience handling both large and small scale projects.

Customized Strategy

Each photography project is meticulously crafted to align with unique clients' requirements, starting with concept discussion and ending final execution.

Capturing the Badger Spirit

UW-Madison photography portfolio

College of Letters & Science

UW-Madison photography portfolio

My work for University of Wisconsin College Of Letters & Science was aimed to showcase the vibrant academic community, highlighting the enthusiasm and dedication of both students and faculty. As well as to tell stories of ambition, dedication, and academic prowess.

Environmental portrait of UW-Madison dean
Environmental portrait of music teacher
Environmental portrait of UW-Madison professor Miron Livny
Environmental portrait of UW Assistant Professor of History and American Indian Studies Matt Villeneuve
Environmental portrait of American sociologist Cora Bagley Marrett
Environmental portrait of UW-Madison dean

Human Resources

UW-Madison photography portfolio

In partnership with University’s Human Resources marketing team, I focused on capturing the diverse and dynamic team that is at the heart of the university’s operations. Goal was to show not teachers and students, but the holding  force University of Wisconsin and therefore attract new employees with wide range of skills and talents.

Portraits we captured is the celebration of the individuals who make UW a great place to work and learn.

UW-Madison approved photography services vendor 2023-2026
UW photography services vendor
UW-Madison approved photography services vendor 2023-2026
UW-Madison photography services vendor
SOME OF my commercial photography clients

Letters & Science Magazine

UW-Madison photography portfolio

While photographing people for Letters & Science magazine, I helped to bring to life the articles and features, adding depth and emotion to the writer’s words. My images are always carefully crafted to reflect the magazine’s prestigious reputation and the high standards of the College of Letters & Science.

I’ve been continuously working with Letters & Science Magazine since its inception in 2018.

Environmental portrait of UW-Madison science teacher Anne Pringle
Studio portrait of UW-Madison marching band director Mike Lecrone
Environmental portrait of UW-Madison chemistry scientist Blackwell

Milestones, Awards & Celebrations

UW-Madison photography portfolio

As an event photographer at the University of Wisconsin, I find joy in photographing celebrations, awards, and milestones. I witnessed the spirit of UW’s community: students blossoming into scholars, educators being honored, and collective celebrations of success. These experiences are not just assignments; they are vivid stories of life, learning, and joy.

UW Alumni event in Kohl's Center Madison, WI
Official photography services vendor for University of Wisconsin Madison
Official approved event photography vendor for University of Wisconsin Madison
UW Alumni event photographed in Kohl's Center Madison, WI

Other Contributions

UW-Madison photography portfolio

During my photography career I’ve had the unique opportunity to work indirectly with the University of Wisconsin through editorial assignments for local magazines.

This includes photographing at the  Wisconsin School of Business, Division of the Arts, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, College of Engineering, School of Music, etc. With each offering a unique glimpse into the diverse academic landscapes and the rich tapestry of disciplines that the university encompasses.

Greg Gard UW Madison men's basketball team’s head coach
Group of UW students from College of Engineering working on a project Badgerloop
Environmental portrait of UW-Madison scientist in agriculture pavilion
Environmental portrait of Wisconsin School of Business economist
Environmental portrait of scientist
environmental portrait of UW-Madison nuclear scientist

What Others Are Saying?

customer reviews

Real professional with great attitude. Always listens to client’s needs and is very easy to work with. He photographed our business training, office headshots and corporate events for several years now and he always exceeds our expectations!
Paulius delivered great headshot results! His flexibility, professionalism, and efficiency are all first-rate, as is the quality of his photographs. We've been very happy with our relationship! Highly recommended photographer!
My experience with Paulius was far beyond expectation. It seems truly rare that an individual could exhibit such great communication skills and have the requisite technical expertise to deliver a fabulous batch of dating portraits.
Paulius is exceptional to work with and his quality and style has really matched what we've wanted. He has a great personality as well and really helps everyone get comfortable during a photoshoot. We found him while looking for business headshots and group shots when we first started our company several years ago. We've gone back to his photography studio numerous times and plan to use him again in the future!
A reputable and valued source for quality portraiture, videography and any general photography or brand related needs. He is dependable, resourceful and wildly talented. I trust and appreciate his partnership and look forward to a long relationship.
He's super responsive, efficient, and professional but also incredibly personable and just delightful to work with. He cares about creating an environment that allows you to be comfortable and relaxed. This results in more authentic and natural-looking photos. He incorporated my feedback, and helped to capture my own vision for my headshot. I've gone to Paulius for professional headshots twice and I would never want to go anywhere else.

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