Studio portrait of a woman with her arms crossed


All professional headshots and portraits require post-production work before the final product is delivered. This work can range from basic retouching to signature headshot retouching. Each is part of the post headshot photo session workflow and has its own unique characteristics.

A basic headshot retouch removes temporary blemishes, color corrects, brightens eyes and teeth, and removes some of the obvious distractions on hair and clothing. This is the minimum standard you can expect from professional headshot photos. Basic retouching provides consistent and flattering results.

An example of Basic (left) and Signature headshot retouch (right) of an IT/AI executive Siah Burke.

With a signature retouch, I use my headhsot photographer’s expertise and creativity to create a more dynamic, engaging headshot that maintains a high-end yet natural look. I will further sculpt light and shadows to add dimension within the image and emphasize a subject’s features. During my signature retouching I might also selectively enhance or soften/sharpen details, like the eyes, to help the subject pop and connect with the viewer better.

Studio portrait of a middle aged womanStudio portrait of a woman with her arms crossed

Studio portrait of business coach Krista Bleich.

Please note, that to achieve the best results possible as well as desired mood or aesthetic, do your headshot preparation before the photo session. Also, make sure to discuss your goals or insecurities with photographer ahead or during portrait session.

After all, with the right preparation and skilled photographer, both, basic and signature headshot retouching, will provide excellent results when applied to the right scenarios.


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