Phone call form Death’s Door distillery marketing director John Kindler came on on Wednesday afternoon. He sounded pretty much like this: “We need pictures of distillery taken ASAP. How ASAP? Tomorrow 8:30am ASAP.”
John needed pictures of the whole alcohol process- from grain unpacking to the final bottling line to the final product shots with distillery as the background. They were running short on time to print booklets and flyers for renovated distillery.
As a commercial photographer Madison WI I had pleasure of working with Death Door before- I’ve been attending their Juniper Festival (Washington Island, WI) for quite a few years now. I recently did take pictures at their Holiday party in renovated distillery. So this time was not an exception. With no hesitations I agreed to help.
Besides (this thought came in to my head afterwards, when I got home)… It is always fun when the shutter goes “click, click”; but trust me- submerging in extensive ethanol vapors for 7 hours brings word fun to another level!

From DDS website:
A dream come true. What started as an experiment to see if agriculture could be restored, promoted and conserved on Washington Island, Wisconsin, has blossomed into a full-fledged business with the construction of the Company’s new state-of-the art distillery in Middleton, Wisconsin. Completed on June 4th, 2012 grand opening, the facility is the largest craft distillery in Wisconsin and one of the largest in the region with an annual capacity in excess of 250,000 cases of finished product.

Find more about the distillery

DSC_5988_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_distilleryDSC_5601_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_process DSC_5689_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_Death_Door_employee DSC_5897_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_Death_Door_head_distiller DSC_5786__commercial_photographer_madison_wi_distillation_processDSC_6328_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_tasting DSC_6452_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_Death_Door_productsDSC_6273_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_Brian_EllisonDSC_6182_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_Death_Door_Spirits_employees DSC_5624_commercial_photographer_madison_wi_Death_Door_employee

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