So I just picked up couple galleries from last year’s summer. Couple of those that hibernated on temporary backup hard drive and afterwards went straight to storage drive. It happens a lot. Life. Family. Responsibilities. Laziness.  Work. One things get all the attentions and others get thrown into dark corner. At least for a while.
Long and cold Wisconsin winter is a perfect time to go back and look up all these little adventures from the dark corners. And bring them back to the day light.
Gie and I went nuts that night. We drank, burned sage, read books, worshiped the sunrise, took pictures and went swimming to B.B. Clarke Beach Park couple blocks away. 2 times.
And yes, the night was way too short.
And yes, we will do it again.
And no, no bullshit.
All images in the album were taken with one of my favorite manual 35mm f/2.8 prime lens and later minimally batch processed with Kodak Ektar 100 Lightroom preset by VSCO.

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