Last road trip in 2013 was to Dillon, CO.It’s about 16 hours one-way drive. It’s about 32 hours to make a round trip. 4 states need to get passed on the way there: Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska. Traveling with the car (or a bus if I’m traveling in a foreign country) is a must to get the most and the best out of it. I believe car or bus takes travel experience to another level. Fuck the planes.
You need to be there and feel it. You can’t watch it from above. It’s modern America photography at its best.


Truck stops, dirty gas stations, empty streets, rest areas, cheap food, weird smells, people you usually don’t meet in your neighborhood. It all looks so strange and so unusual. And yet it’s as real as it can get.
I call them puzzle pieces. Sometimes they are difficult to spot. But if you look long enough and close enough you will start noticing them.
They’re out there. Everywhere.
Peace of trash. Tranquility. Sun beam. Sound in the air. That little crisp peace of puzzle that doesn’t belong there yet fits in the scene so perfectly.

I prefer travel light so normally I take one DSLR with one prime lens with me. I must admit I am prime lens lover. And the reason behind it? Everybody knows prime lenses take better pictures. (: Lately my weapon of choice in modern America photography is manual 35mm f/2.8 prime lens made by Nikon. It’s as small as a prime lens could get, does everything well and is everything I really need.

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