Pictures from 3rd annual SloPig Heritage Pig celebration Madison WI were taken on 03.10.2013 by Paulius Musteikis. Event happened in The Madison Club. Good people, good food, good drinks and good vibe. Can’t beat that!
SloPig is never disappointing and it’s been a pleasure as always! Happy 3rd anniversary!

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From SloPig website:
“Heritage pigs are true pure breeds of hog.  Luckily today heritage pig breeds are being preserved by farmers, chefs, and enthusiasts alike. Each breed has its own unique characteristics that are becoming more and more popular in the United States. SloPig reaches out to the surrounding community, screaming and shouting the idea of a slower approach to a perfect animal, THE PIG!  But, a pig can only be perfect with a sustainable approach.  Pork is no longer and should never have been “the other white meat.”  A pork chop that is dull pink with no fat is not real pork.  Fat is flavor, Fat is healthy, Fat is slower.  Slow Pig is happy to team up with Slow Food Madison to support and grow these ideas.”

heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_2757heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_2730_ heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_2622_red_meat_pork_sausage heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_2833_red_meat heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_2811_Jason_Veal_ heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_-2802 heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_-2790_Madison_Club_food heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_-2880_Queens_Hearts_Photo_boothheritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_3092_Tory_Miller_crew heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_3085_Aviary_Chicago heritage_pig_celebration_madison_wi_-3063_Dan_Fox_Tory_Miller

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