/ photography studio guidelines for operating safely during COVID-19 pandemic

As a responsible community member and a photo industry professional, I will be doing all I can, to ensure the safety of others during the COVID-19 times.

My photography studio is open for business and following guidelines are being implemented for headshots and portrait sessions:

– 2020.04.20 UPDATE

As of April 2020 I am fully vaccinated.

– CDC approved supplies and cleaning agents

Photography studio will be equipped with the CDC approved supplies and cleaning agents such as gloves, hand sanitizer, standard cleaning supplies, and disinfectants.

– Safety

I will be using masks and gloves while working with clients. There won’t be any physical interaction with clients. Which means I won’t be able to fix your hair or clothing. Please see this article on how to get ready for the headshot and portrait session.

– Photography session schedule

Photo sessions will be limited to two photoshoots per day and will be held on strict appointment times. Studio is kept locked most of the time, so no walk-ins please!

– Routine environmental cleaning

Fewer photo sessions and scheduling will allow sufficient time to sanitize photographic equipment, all hard surfaces and common areas after each photography session. Only one client (and family) will be allowed in studio facilities at any given time. If the photography session is held offsite, only one client (and family) will be staged in the immediate area.

– Studio ventilation

Photography studio is very well ventilated. It has two separate powerful industrial ventilation systems that were installed and used by previous tenants. Automatic ventilation system will be left ON during and 6 hour after each photo session.

– Accessibility

Photography studio is accessible directly from the parking lot. Just park and walk right in. It’s important to note, that photography studio is located in industrial block of town, and normally has minimal foot traffic.

– Feeling sick

Minimizing Covid-19 spread in community is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, photo session will be cancelled if I feel sick or have known contact with someone who has been infected. I expect my clients to act in the same manner.

– Tethered shooting

During the photo session my camera is connected to a computer and you see incoming images on a big computer monitor. As it happens, we’re able to discuss and address any possible issues without being in close contact. See more about tethered photography here.


All above measures will continue through the end of Phase 3 as outlined in recently released federal guidelines. The guidelines can be found here.

photography classes and mentoring Madison WI

Working with a client in my photography studio during pre-Covid-19 days.