Biggest Little City: 2012

First two times I visited Reno since it is the last stop before you head towards the Playa. These couple short stays that happened on the way to Black Rock City and on the way out gave me and idea who I am dealing with.

3rd time happened because of the invitation to participate and photograph friend’s wedding.

Also, because its about fucking time to spend more time and better explore this crazy city and its surroundings.

When you step in to one of the downtown hotels and casinos where old half-drunk tweekers hope that today is that lucky day, where slot machines are submerged in the cigarette smoke, where drywall in the bathroom now full of punch holes remembers better times, where shitty beer is The King and where old waitress is The Queen, you suddenly realize that by opening entrance door you’ve been teleported to different planet.

Planet filled with dead faces, wasted time, broken hopes, lost dreams. Planet where time has stopped 35-40 years ago and most people who live there doesn’t realize it.

And that’s what makes you want to celebrate life.

And that’s what makes The Biggest Little City In The World a fascinating place.

I got married in one of Reno, NV wedding chapels on October 21st, 2012.

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I am a full time professional photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. As of 2020 I specialize in commercial photography as well as headshots for professionals and businesses.


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