professional studio headshot of middle age woman


Photographing casual headhsots of an award-winning writer

As an editorial photographer, I get to work and meet some interesting and amazing people. And not just people directly involved during editorial photography session. But also, people who do heavy lifting behind the scenes: art directors, writers, other freelancers, etc.

In 2016 and 2017 I had a pleasure taking pictures for several editorial photography assignments. And couple of them are my favorite editorial assignments to this day. One was about undocumented Latino Immigrants in Madison, Wisconsin, and another about being Muslim in Madison, Wisconsin during times of Trump’s presidency. Both amazing stories were written by Maggie Ginsberg, an award-winning freelance writer and agented novelist based outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

And one day, I ended up in About Me page on Maggie’s website (very professionally done, by the way) just to learn, that she was using her (are you ready?) wedding picture portrait instead of professional business headshot!

And while I don’t have grudge against wedding pictures (after all, I am a wedding photographer myself), I knew right away that Maggie needed an updated profession headshot for her website. A professional headshot that would match her brand and make better impression to visitors. Especially when you take into consideration serious subjects she writes about.

So, I go ahead, reach out to Maggie and invite her to my studio for updated casual headshots for her website. And she’s in.

professional headshot for website of a freelance writer
Studio portrait of a freelance writer.

Right before the session Maggie emails and mentions, that she’s starting to freak out. A very normal reaction of my headshot and portrait photography clients. It usually happens right before the shoot.

So, during the professional headshot photography session, I did my best to help Maggie to relax. And she got through that headshot session like a champ. Again, a very normal outcome for people who don’t like their picture taken. (:

Couple more outtakes from the photo shoot below.

studio headshot of an award-winning writer
Black and white portrait of freelance writer Maggie Ginsberg.

I am a professional headshot photographer currently based in Madison, Wisconsin. My professional photography studio is conveniently located in near East of Downtown Madison. I would be more than happy to help you with an updated casual headshot for your personal brand, business or corporate website, networking platforms or social media. Bring your creative ideas! Give me a call at 608-239-4199 or just use my contact page. Short notice for appointments are welcome!


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