So that Sunday bunch of food people from Madison, WI came together to help out Dan Fox with movie production for 2nd SloPig event. Meeting took a part in private farm in Blue Mounds, WI.
Q: What do you get when you mix together bunch of food industry people, few cases of PBR, some creative thoughts and strategically good location? A: Lots of good energy generated.
Q: What do you do with this energy?
A: You make sure your camera is ready when coordinator points all that energy to the pig yard.
Things that looked pretty normal in the beginning (if normal you call a gentleman dressed up like a banana that chases farmers with an axe) after a while turned into combination of mud fight, tug of war and wrestling.
And that’s when the real fun rolls in!
See final SloPig video here.
As a Madison WI creative photographer I have been very fortunate to meet great people and establish nice relationships with small local business institutions. Dan Fox from SloPig was one of my first clients in the area.

What does SloPig do?
SloPig reaches out to the surrounding community, screaming and shouting the idea of a slower approach to a perfect animal, THE PIG!  But, a pig can only be perfect with a sustainable approach.  Pork is no longer and should never have been “the other white meat.”  A pork chop that is dull pink with no fat is not real pork.  Fat is flavor, Fat is healthy, Fat is slower.  Slow Pig is happy to team up with Slow Food Madison to support and grow these ideas.

What is heritage pig?
Heritage pigs are true pure breeds of hog.  Luckily today heritage pig breeds are being preserved by farmers, chefs, and enthusiasts alike.  Each breed has its own unique characteristics that are becoming more and more popular in the United States.

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