Trip to Big Easy: 2012

Its 2012. And very last minute we decide that for Christmas we saying “adios” to Midwest and heading down South. An 8 year old and a dog on the back seat as a decorations, my wife in the passenger seat as a co-pilot and event coordinator, and me in the role of driver.

This is how we roll and this is how my 3rd trip to New Orleans starts.

Big Easy is in the top list of my favorite cities in US, alongside with Madison, San Francisco and city in the Black Rock desert.

Mix of Southern hospitality, solid amount of history, amazing music scene, great food, beautiful architecture and laid back life style is the biggest contribution why New Orleans is called Big Easy. Warm climate, exciting hurricanes and big diversity makes the city even more attractive and further contributes to its popularity.

New Orleans feels very real and dynamic. And this is why I love it.

Dear Nola,
I miss you a lot. I’ll be back soon.


Journey to New Orleans was photographed with 50 year old prime 35mm f/2.8 manual Nikon lens that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately.

madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2667 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2696 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2749madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2780 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2799 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2900 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2929 family portrait of mother and sonstreet portrait of restaurant worker madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-2952 family portrait of mother and son New Orleans, LA madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3012 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3041 street portrait of restaurant worker at Cafe Du Mondeself street portrait madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3108 portrait of an 8 year old madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3127 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3166 street portrait of taxi driver in New Orleans, LA candid street portrait of street musicians street portrait of street performers and artists in New Orleans, LA madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3216 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3232 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3250madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3264 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3269 madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3315street portrait of a man with a dog madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3325 street portrait of man smoking a cigarette madison_wi_wedding_photographer_-3400


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