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Photographing corporate headshots of Husch Blackwell associates in Madison, WI office

While ago I got a call from Husch Blackwell Milwaukee office. Marketing and web development team was looking for updated professional corporate headshots for their associate team in Madison, Wisconsin.

After talking to them I learned that what they really needed was something fairly traditional and straightforward.

Idea was to photograph traditional corporate headshots of Madison associates using a clean white background. And later, in a post-production, remove the background completely.

Doing so would allow Husch Blackwell marketing and web development teams use corporate headshots pictures in a variety of ways.

Having a professional headshot with no background would also allows developers to swap background depending on their needs- whether is in in house marketing material, brochures, about me pages or business cards.

That day photoshoot location was on-location- Husch Blackwell Madison, Wisconsin office located on the Capitol Square.

Since I was photographing tethered, files from the camera would be available to preview in computer screen within a couple seconds. This process slows down the photoshoot, but allows to discuss posture, appearance, do minor tweaks and achieve better results for client.

Below, you can see some of the headshots I took that day. You can also see variety of looks corporate headshots/ business portraits with removed background allow to achieve.

A business portrait of lawyer in his Madison, Wisconsin office
Business portrait layered over blurry office background

A business portrait of lawyer with a neutral grey background
Same business portrait layered over grey background

executive business headshot of a man in suit
corporate headshot of smiling man in suit

business portrait of female law associate with tint background
Husch Blackwell Madison Wisconsin team composite made in post processing out of 15 corporate headshot pictures.
Business headshot without a background used for website banner along with action button
Corporate headshot layered over the clean grey gradient for “Contact” page

If you’re looking for updated professional headshots for your business, please give me a call at 608.239.4199 or use contact form. Also, check out my headshots portfolio and read blog post about on how to look better in business headshots and portraits.

Please note that professional headshot pricing for larger groups is a subject for a discount.
Background removal for headshots is available for additional fee.


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