group in studio photograph of financial advisors in Middleton, WI



Recently marketing team for UBS The Burish Group reached out to me. And asked if I could photograph updated professional headshots for their Meet Our Team page.

After discussing details with the marketing team, we came up with the plan. First of all, break down photoshoot by departments. And photograph over 40 professional corporate headshots throughout several days.

Idea was to start with the client service team, and move to wealth strategists, financial planners, advisors and consultants, retirement plan specialists afterwards. And photograph certified investment management analysts and directors on the last day.


During the shoot, I got to spend about 15 minutes with each client. During that time, I would photograph couple dozen of headshots and help financial advisors to make their final selects. It is all possible because I normally photograph tethered. Which means camera is attached to the computer via the USB cable, so my clients and I see incoming professional headshot images right away.

This kind of set-up slows down headshot session a bit. But it also allows to discuss likes/ dislikes right there on the spot and make headshot improvements if needed.

Due to the internal UBS corporate headshot and portrait image requirements, I photographed everything on on a clean background. In this case, light grey.

Normally, whether working on location or in my professional photography studio, I offer a variety of different headshot and portrait backgrounds.

Some business headshot examples:

Professional financial advisors headshot in Middleton, Wisconsin
Business headshot of associate director.
business headshot of senior wealth strategist in Middleton, WI
Senior wealth strategist at the UBS.
Professional headshot of client service associate
Headshot of client service associate.
professional financial advisors headshot in Middletown, Wisconsin
Business headshot of retirement plans specialist.
Business headshot of financial advisor in Middleton, Wisconsin
Business headshot of wealth manager.
Business headshot of client service associate
Client service associate.
Business headshot of company’s vice-president and wealth manager
Headshot of vice-president/ wealth manager.
business headshot of client service associate
Business headshot of client service associate.

If you’re looking for updated professional headshots for your website, LinkedIn profile or upcoming presentation, look no further. For more headshot examples, please see my professional headshot portfolio page. Also, give me a call or reach out via the contact page for more business headshots and portraits examples.

For my popular and free guide on how to look better in professional headshots and business portraits, see my blog post here.


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