That night my better half (my wife) insisted we stop by Art In, the gallery we’ve never been before. So we did. That night we have met the man- Jack Chandler whose family owns this cool old building. Introduction with Jack happened sometime around early Spring. During the conversation aftermath we came up with an unofficial agreement to help Jack with photos (to be his  documentary photographer Madison WI ) in the future.


That happened to be the 2nd weekend of July, 2013. Art In is located on 1444 E Washington Ave, Madison WI with 1st floor converted into several gallery spaces and 2nd floor is nesting bunch of cool artists in small studios. The whole idea of Art In  A Con event was to bring East Side Madison artists, galleries and people in general together. Event happened last Saturday and was great success. My wife and I were left in charge of photography of the event that day. One photography part of it was documentary photography approach during the day and evening, another part was good atmosphere at our photo booth with Smere Tactics props. Tasty Karben4 beer, good music, great peaces of art, pleasant vibe and nice crowd was primary cause of good times that night.  Can’t beat good times, can you? And in the end good times is what it’s all about. So yeah, 2nd weekend in July came with some serious BANG! Were looking forward to future events already! Find full gallery of event images here. Find full gallery of photo booth images in our Facebook gallery.

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