For one of my recent work projects I did some product photography for Madison WI based online farmer’s market with home delivery for local food called Square Harvest. Square Harvest online farmer’s market store is scheduled to fully launch in April 2015 and will feature a wide selection of produce, meats, fish, dairy and eggs. They will also carry a wide range of artisanal and prepared products such as bread, honey, maple syrup, pasta, sauces, peanut butter, granola, soups and tortillas. The idea behind it all is pretty simple and rad: Square Harvest market store is updated on Sunday, customers place their orders by Wednesday. During Thursday and Friday products are being harvested and put together by local farmers. And it all gets home delivered on Saturday.


Madhavi Krishnan, co-founder and owner of Square Harvest wanted online product images to have natural, fresh and clean feel. It took multiple meetings and good chunk of time to put it all for photo shoot that too several days. During the photo shoot we went through extensive amount of props, barn wood for surface and, of course, a nice variety of food products.
While working on this project I once again was reminded about hardworking local farmers and producers, their crafty products and their beautiful mission.

cilantro_pesto_commercial_product_photographer_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-1063commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-1424 commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-1310commercial_product_photographer_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-955 trout_fillet_commercial_product_photographer_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-1278 commercial_product_photographer_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-1260 commercial_product_photographer_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-472commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-724 commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-1179 commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-600 commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-348commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-1146 commercial_product_photography_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-0238brownie_mix_spicy_commercial_product_photographer_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-856 commercial_product_photographer_Madison_WI_by_Paulius_Musteikis_Photography-072

TECH STUFF: Some of the products where shot under natural ambient light, some were shot using few speed lights. For light modifiers this time I used  50″ Mega JS Apollo and 43″ Apollo Orb softboxes by Westcott. Most of the images were shot with my Nikon D700 tethered to computer. Couple of my “regulars” for food and product photography- 50mm and 105mm lenses, were used for glass.


Looking for commercial product photographer Madison WI? Look no further! Paulius Musteikis is a professional editorial and commercial product photographer Madison WI area. His editorial and product photography work has been published in numerous paper and online articles. Paulius Musteikis is regular editorial photog contributor to local (Isthmus, Madison Magazine, etc.) and national (Eater.comFood And Wine, etc.) publications.


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