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SOME OF my commercial photography clients

Whether you’re a just one person business, small startup or nationwide corporation, chances are you’re always looking quality commercial photography. There’s variety of uses for it: personal and corporate websites, advertising, business social media pages, marketing materials, etc. Also, when photographing, depending on what client needs, accent could be placed on variety of things: people, products, lifestyle, architectural, landscapes, aerial photography, etc.
Below is my commercial and business photography portfolio with examples, descriptions, and some helpful links.

Check out my commercial video production page for my video work.

business Headshots & portraits

crafting visual identity for your company

It’s no secret, that good corporate headshot and or business portrait can make you look more trustworthy. It also will add personality to your business website and will help to improve your personal or business brand awareness. Corporate headshots and business portraits can be effectively used for social media, networking platforms, business and corporate websites. Updated corporate headshots and business portraits is a big part of the commercial photography services I offer.

Studio portrait of two filmmakers
business portrait of Madison FC soccer coach
business portrait of two executives

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business And corporate team photos

Showcasing your team & celebrating teamwork

There are many reasons why your business or company might need a team photo.

Maybe you want to use team photo to showcase your company’s size and scope. Maybe your business needs team photo to highlight company’s culture and values.

Or maybe you just want business team photo in your website’s “About Us” page to simply expose work atmosphere at your workplace to your clients or future employees.

Either way, but professional images of your team are essential in building your corporate business and branding.

Example of team photo in commercial photography in Madison WI
Team composite photo of 6AM Digital Marketing agency.
Commercial lifestyle business photography Madison WI

Commercial & business photography

Your company’s Visual Storytelling

Depending on what business you’re in, your needs for commercial and business photography will be different when compared to other companies. One company might be looking for lifestyle photographs of different stages of factory production line and its crew. While other company might want to show their office workers with business portraits of executive team. That’s why, one day I might be in rural Wisconsin warehouse where automated litter robot are manufactured, and next day might be photographing a team of biotechnology startup.

So, when working with commercial clients, I adapt to their needs and choose adequate commercial photography approach. This personalized business photography helps to express personal brand better, diversifies the outcome and creates material that fits client’s needs best. It also allows me to provide photography services to wide range of businesses in Madison Wisconsin and other Midwest states.

For information regarding small business and corporate video production, please check out page about my video work.

lifestyle business photo of a healthcare provider
lifestyle business photo of a healthcare provider interacting with patient
portrait of commercial fisherman from Washington Island
Commercial lifestyle business photography Madison WI

Business and corporate photography pricing. Business and corporate photography pricing depends on variety of factors (including where and what for final images will be used), and is subject to custom quote. Please reach out to me via my contact page for a free estimate and full gallery examples of business and corporate photography.

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What Others Are Saying?

customer reviews

Real professional with great attitude. Always listens to client’s needs and is very easy to work with. He photographed our business training, office headshots and corporate events for several years now and he always exceeds our expectations!
Having worked with a number of professional photographers before for my multiple business ventures, I can with total confidence say Paulius is the best I have worked with.
My experience with Paulius was far beyond expectation. It seems truly rare that an individual could exhibit such great communication skills and have the requisite technical expertise to deliver a fabulous batch of dating portraits.
Paulius is exceptional to work with and his quality and style has really matched what we've wanted. He has a great personality as well and really helps everyone get comfortable during a photoshoot. We found him while looking for business headshots and group shots when we first started our company several years ago. We've gone back to his photography studio numerous times and plan to use him again in the future!
He's super responsive, efficient, and professional but also incredibly personable and just delightful to work with. He cares about creating an environment that allows you to be comfortable and relaxed. This results in more authentic and natural-looking photos. He incorporated my feedback, and helped to capture my own vision for my headshot. I've gone to Paulius for professional headshots twice and I would never want to go anywhere else.
Paulius has an innate ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. He has a way with his subjects that exudes the fact that he loves what he does as photographer. He does it in a professional manner and in such an engaging way. We have over 55 employees and they all really enjoyed their business headshots experience. Highly recommended!

Corporate Event photography

Corporate Gatherings Through the Lens

Throughout my commercial photographer’s career, I photographed variety of corporate events here in Madison Wisconsin, as well as other parts of Midwest. Some of my previous corporate event photography experience includes business conferences, conventions, corporate meetings and training, opening ceremonies, new product presentations, trade shows, charity events, fundraisers, etc.

two men shaking hands during conference in Madison, Wisconsin
executives of UW are singing during the opening ceremony of corporate event in Madison, Wisconsin

Corporate event photography pricing. My corporate event photography coverage starts at $750 for two-hour continuous coverage. For a free corporate event coverage estimate please fill out contact form on my contact page and include detailed description of your event.

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Business headshot of personal coach David McKercher
Business portrait of UW professor Sandra Adell
Business portrait of Sandy Botcher, managing partner at Northwestern Mutual Madison, WI

I offer photography coverage in Central and Southwestern Wisconsin. If needed, I’m available to travel nationwide. My photography studio is conveniently located in near East downtown of Madison, WI.

For a free corporate event, business or headshot photography estimate please call at (608) 239-4199, use contact form or e-mail me directly at Please note, that studio photo sessions are by appointment only.