Business photography of self-cleaning litter box for cats


Business photography request

When Litter-Robot marketing team reached out to me, they were looking for manufacturing operation and business photography in Juneau, WI. In addition, they wanted updated business headshots for their executive team.

As an addicted learner, I am always fascinated to learn about new products and processes involved making them. So the fact that Litter-Robot is one of leading automated cat litter box manufacturers in United States, got me really excited.

Round No.1: Faces behind manufacturing in Juneau, WI

On a photoshoot day I arrived to Juneau, Wisconsin. First on my photography list I had lifestyle pictures around Litter-Robot business office. I found company’s founder and president Brad Baxter with his engineering team. They were discussing new product development, marketing team working in new strategies, etc.

Next on my list was and manufacturing facility/ warehouse. I transitioned there to photograph people working in assembly line and refurbishing department.

After that, during staff lunch break, I photographed variety of different angles of empty warehouse.

professional business photography of engineers in Madison, WI
Team of Litter-Robot engineers discussing a new product prototype.
Vice president of the company talking to marketing his Madison, WI marketing team
Jacob Zuppke (right), executive vice president, talking to marketing team member.
Employee building litter-robot in Juneau, WI manufacturing facility
Manufacturing facility employee working an older model of Litter-Robot.
CEO of Litter-Robot is talking to an assembly line worker
Brad Baxter, founder and president of Litter-Robot is talking to assembly line worker.
Business photography of customer service team of Litter-Robot
Customer service team.

Employee business portraits

Next on the list was headshots of executive team. In addition, their marketing team wanted me to photograph relaxed business portraits of all warehouse workers as well. In my option, including hardworking folks and showing them same attention as the executives, was a brilliant idea.

Professional business headshot of repair expert
Professional headshot of repair expert.

Professional business headshot of lab technician
Business headshot of a lab technician.

Professional business portrait of assembly line worker.
On location business headshot of a assembly line worker.

Professional business portrait of assembly line worker
On location business headshot of a assembly line worker.

Business portrait of CEO and president of Litter Robot
Business portrait of Litter-Robot founder Brad Baxter.

Professional group picture of two marketing team members
Business portrait of two marketing team members.

A “thank you” gift? Yes please!

And of course, good run wouldn’t be nearly as good without getting a “little” gift for the work I’ve done. Before my departure marketing manager asked me – “You do have a cat, right?”. “I do!” was my response. “We had just adopted a cat couple weeks ago!”

“We need to get you one of our Litter robots then!” he smiled. He came back from the warehouse with a brand new Litter-Robot!

Definitely one of more memorable and useful “thank you” gifts I ever got!

Professional business photography US based company
Brad Baxter, Litter-Robot designer, founder, and president.
Business photography of Litter Robot company
Chris Clark (left), COO of Litter-Robot and Brad Baxter in Juneau, Wisconsin facility.

Round No.2: Detroit connection

After delivering the images, couple days later, I received a phone call from Littler-Robot marketing team. Marketing team wanted me to travel to company’s headquarters in Detroit, MI. And use the same business photography approach.

After that,  I was out for a round No.2!

Besides being one helluva exciting project to work on, while photographing for Litter-Robot I learn a lot. Seeing all behind the scenes work helped me to realized that US manufacturing is not dead. In fact, parts of it doing surprisingly well!

In conclusion, during my 4 day photoshoot I photographed over 60 people headshots and business operation. Beside that, I’ve got to travel to one of my favorite cities sin US- Detroit. 

Business photography of Litter Robot company in Juneau, Wisconsin
Reconditioning department employee preparing to ship orders.
Two quality control specialists inspecting parts
Quality control specialists inspecting parts.
Business photography of an employee lifting boxes
End of the assembly line. Boxes with product are being stacked for temporary storage.
Business photography of Litter Robot company in Juneau, Wisconsin
Warehouse worker preparing Litterbox for shipment.

What is Litter-Robot and why you need one!

Litter-Robot is WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats
Simply put, if you own a cat, Litter-Robot is the most awesome thing that you could own!

This life changing device that allows my family to empty cat litter box and forget about for a week. In other words, you’ll love it!

Below is company’s description on Litter-Robot website:

“In our offices you’ll find exceptional engineers, marketing professionals, customer service agents and repair experts. We’re a 2017-2018 Inc. 5000 company with more than 65 employees. We focus on new product development, marketing, and excellent customer service at our headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. And in Juneau, Wisconsin, we focus on manufacturing and shipping.”

Professional business photography for an advertisement
Professional business photography for an advertisement

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