She mumbled something to me about confirmation number. When I asked what it’s for, I’ve been told that I will be spending my Labor Day weekend in desert. AGAIN!
This is absolutely The Best birthday gift from my wife.
Car ride to Midway International Airport, short flight and I am in Reno again. I am bringing couple newbies with me. Lisa- the best host in Reno- does it again; most of the serious preparation is done ahead of time.
Shopping for booze+ food= we’re ready to hit the road again.
This time we leave Reno earlier- there is a place in Gerlach (last stop before the Black Rock City) we can camp out in.
After setting up a quick camp we head out to check one of local bars. Or maybe the only one- population of Gerlach is 206 people.
Later that night we sit down in high school stadium. Black chilly night surrounds us painted with bright starry sky with a Milky Way right in the middle of it.
We open few beers and watch the horizon. About 5 miles out in the desert you can spot moving lights- Black Rock City is being brought together right now. As a Burning Man photographer I see endless opportunities.
I feel a slight sting. I am not sure the other two do- they’ve never been here in Playa. I know I am not there yet, but it feels good to be that close to Home.
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