In Reno International Airport we got picked up by our good friend Lisa Marcosa. She took us back to “Flying Rock” her family’s owner ranch where all the preparation for the desert started.
Most of the work was done by Lisa already- we didn’t need to worry about renting a car, trailer, water supply, various containers, camping equipment, etc. Lisa got a trailer from her neighbors for $50- somewhat unusual and unheard price for a trailer rent in the Midwest. Fixing couple of bikes, buying booze and food where the only things that we really needed to take care of.
It is about 3 hour drive from Reno, NV to the location of the event- we start heading towards it late Sunday night. 3 hour drive+ another 6 hours waiting in line. We witness most beautiful desert sunrise, hang out with greeters, pass the gate control and we’re here.
We’re in the place that so many people call Home.
And I stand on the flat surface of the desert lit by orange morning sun. And I close my eyes. I inhale deeply. Then exhale- and suddenly all my worries disappear.
And I look around again.
And my adventure starts.

Looking at this Burning Man photography and see imagery you like? Shoot me and e-mail and I will be more than happy to share high resolution images of Burning Man photography with you.
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One of the finest in Burning Man photography Paulius Musteikis enjoys Burning Man photography and contributes to community by providing imagery and memories for life.
Burning Man photographer Paulius Musteikis will continue to attend this spectacular event, and will continue to be share Burning man photography with the community in the future.

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