Professional actor headshot of soprano singer and instructor


Photographing professional headshot of soprano singer

Shaddai Amor Solidum reached out to me as she was looking for an updated professional headshot.

She’s a soprano singer and voice instructor that is currently working on her Doctorate in vocal performance at UW Madison.

We’ve met at my photography studio. Soon I realized, that what Shaddai is really looking for is actor headshots. Well, in her case, actress headshots.

It’s important to understand, that even though she’s a professional soprano singer and teacher. And what she does has a lot of similarities with acting.

She performs on stage in front of the audience. She gets professional makeup done each time she does so.

Normally, when working with actors, I remind my clients that honest representation of appearance is very important. So, we need to be honest with people who will be seeing those pictures. Because they’re expecting to see minimally altered images. They’re expecting people to be as real as possible. Therefore, I advise clients not to request extensive appearance manipulation in post-production.

What Shaddai does, is definitely about her voice first. But we also made a decision that her appearance should be altered minimally. As a result, when retouching her actor headshot, the only thing I fixed was fly away hair.

Shaddai mentioned that she will use her updated professional headshot for business profile in LinkedIn and other job search engines.

Portrait of a soprano singer Shaddai Amor.

Headshot of a soprano singer Shaddai Amor.

An example of actor headshot.

An example of actor headshot.

If you’re looking for professional actor headshots for your acting career, please give me a call at 608.239.4199 or use contact form. For more examples look at my headshots portfolio.

If you want to get the most out of your professional headshot session, see my blog post about how to prepare here.

Please note that professional headshot pricing for larger groups is a subject for a discount.
Background removal for headshots is available for additional fee.


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